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Dear SnowFlowers,
We invite you to check out our newly updated Retreat’s Page on our website. It is now updated to include information on retreats that SnowFlowers are leading, as well as SnowFlower retreats and days of mindfulness. Some update information includes:

  • SnowFlower Day of Mindfulness March 17, 2018
  • Mindful Man Retreats (March and November) led by David Haskin and Hal Dessel
  • Annual Lakeside Buddha Sangha Plano Retreat led by Jack and Laurie Lawlor May 4-6
  • Thaypassana Retreats in Oshkosh (June 10-12) and Chicago (Sept 28-30)

More will be added as we have dates and information, so please check back frequently.

2 thoughts on “Updated Retreats Page

  1. My son and I attended the retreat in Wisconsin in mid-October last fall. We gained a lot from the experience and were wondering if there is a similar retreat planned for 2018. Thanks.

    1. Hi Don,
      Thank you so much for your comment and it’s wonderful that you and your son enjoyed and benefited from the retreat. This is our annual retreat, and it will be held this year from Oct 12-14 at the same place – Bethel Horizons. We’ll have details posted on our website in the coming months with many announcements for how to sign up. Please stay tuned and if you have any questions all, please reach out to us at questions@snowflower.org
      With metta,

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