Two Hours of Your Time? No More New Prisons in WI

As many of you know, SnowFlower was a founding member of MOSES, an interfaith organization in Madison committed to changing public policy that produces mass incarceration in Wisconsin.

MOSES needs 5-10 SnowFlowers to join us on Tuesday, March 13 at the Capitol because the Assembly in the last hour of the last day of its floor period until November, passed a surprise amendment approving $350 million to build a new Wisconsin prison plus $57 million to operate it for one year. Most other States, both Republic and Democratic, are putting their money toward treatment instead of prison, broadening parole, providing re-entry programs, AND CLOSING PRISONS! Wisconsin is going in the opposite direction which will lead to increasing suffering.

The event goes from 9:00 a.m. to noon, but the key hours are 10 to noon. We gather first at Grace Episcopal Church at 116 West Washington, across from the Capitol, before heading to the Capitol to speak with our Senators around 11.

Please see the Event Flyer for more information.

-Carol Rubin

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