Thaypassana Reflection – Ann Varda

Bubbles in ice at a pond
Bubbles in Ice

Overwhelmed by political and environmental problems, I went to the Thaypassana retreat at Holy Wisdom. “Doing the next right thing” – what is it, is it right, how, when, is it unclear, wrong? No better time to take refuge in the Buddha, the Sangha, and the Dhamma. Some of the phrases that were important to me: use continuing intention and continuing attention to discern and follow the path; sometimes, trying harder doesn’t work – like trying to squeeze oil out of gravel; it may be time to rethink and change directions; sometimes there aren’t clear choices, mistakes can be helpful; notice our own goodness; and always be present to our hearts. I was rested and renewed. (It was cold and the stars were bright; the food was yummy; and the silver maple leaf frozen onto the sidewalk appropriate.

-Ann Varda

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