Support SnowFlower

SnowFlower relies on your donations to support one another in the practice of mindfulness in the the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and the spirit of Plum Village. Please consider making your financial contribution to SnowFlower. You can choose to make a one-time gift, an annual, quarterly, or monthly donation. If you are able, we encourage you to donate $3 per week, that’s $12-$15 per month, or $39 per quarter.

Donate Online

We use PayPal to securely process online gifts, but you don’t need to have a PayPal account if you just want to donate online using a credit card. We encourage you to set up a recurring monthly donation so you don’t have to remember to donate each month.  Click here for the donation form and access donate via PayPal or credit card.

Mail a Check

Print the SnowFlower Donation form and mail it with your check.