SnowFlower Sun May 2021

A Guided Metta Meditation

adapted from Kamala Masters by Mary Michal

May I relax my heart and my body. Praise and blame, happiness and suffering, all arise and pass away in the spaciousness of metta and equanimity. Start with yourself. Tune in to your breath.

May I accept how it is for me right now with balance and spaciousness.

In each of our lives there may be health conditions, career issues, financial issues, relationship issues; there will be pain or joy, often both.

May I open fully to the conditions of my life, with all of the joy as well as all of the sorrow.

Notice when you are distracted and bring spaciousness there, bring loving kindness there, bring compassion there, bring equanimity there. When you feel that sense of spaciousness, let the mind rest and let everything else move to the background. Do not add any layers of reactivity.

May I be undisturbed by the comings and goings of events. May I be at ease with the changing inner and outer conditions of my life. May my heart be at ease.

When you are ready, choose someone you love very much: a friend, a teacher, an animal companion, the Earth herself.

May you be peaceful amidst changing conditions. May you live your life with equanimity and an open heart. May you be peaceful, healthy and strong, as much as possible. May your heart be at ease with the inner and outer conditions of your life.

When you are ready to move on, draw your attention to someone more neutral, someone you see at the bus stop, the office, or the store.

May your mind and heart be in balance. May you bring compassion and equanimity to the events of your life and to the events of the world. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you live your life with an open heart.

Now, only if you are ready, extend loving kindness and a spacious heart to someone with whom you experience some difficulty: a family member, a friend, a political figure, even some part of yourself that you have left out of your heart.

Just as I wish to be at peace, I know that you also wish to be at peace. May you be peaceful and at ease, may you be safe and free from harm. May you feel spacious and compassionate with yourself.

Gradually, as you are ready, extend peace to all beings everywhere.

May all beings, near and far, old and young, born and yet to be born, live with equanimity and an open heart. May all beings be free.


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