Madison LGBTQI Meditation Group and Community Groups/Events

Dearest SnowFlowers,
Greetings on this beautiful day – I hope that you all are able to enjoy some sunshine.

We recently added a new section to our website – Community Groups and Events – and invite you to check it out. Please take special note of the Local Meditation Groups that have SnowFlowers as founding members. Specifically, we’d like to draw your attention to a new group here in Madison – Madison LGBTQI Meditation Group. This group only meets once a month (the last Wednesday of every month), and is meeting this week – February, 28th at the Madison Shambhala Center from 7-8:30pm. Please check out the Madison LGBTQI Meditation Group website for further information.

In addition to these local groups, this new SnowFlower webpage – Community Groups and Events – also has a very good list of local and regional events/retreats led by SnowFlower teachers,TNH dharma teachers and other TNH sanghas. We hope that you’ll find these resources useful.
with metta,

Peaceful Ocean of the Heart


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