Get to Know Your Sangha Member: Karuna Namenwirth

How did you learn about Thich Nhat Hanh (“TNH”)?
My daughter received a copy of The Miracle of Mindfulness when she finished 8th grade. She didn’t care for it, but I did.

What is your favorite TNH book?
Cultivating the Heart of Love

How did you hear about SnowFlower and how long have you been coming to sangha?
Along with a few other people, my partner and I were founding SnowFlowers.

Remembering your first time at SnowFlower, what did you like best?  Put another way, why did you decide to come back?
It was clear after meeting Thay, that he was a living master and it would have been foolish not to take such an opportunity when it presented itself. The community offered by sangha added the joy of contact with like-minded people that I had been missing for a long while.

If you could wish one thing for SnowFlower, what would it be?
That we strive to keep beginners-mind and not get into gloss of any sort, what Trungpa Rinpoche called spiritual materialism.

How does Buddhism as taught by TNH fit into your daily life?  Why is it important to you?
The practices of Present Moment and Metta (including mouth yoga) form the backbone of my daily life.

If you are working, what do you do?
Take care of the land we are privileged to steward, while enjoying each day as if it were my last.

3-5 feral cats and a husband (human)

Favorite hobbies or pastimes?
Being outside and doing what presents itself.

Favorite pleasure?
Not indulging in extraneous thinking.

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