Community Tea Time – Tuesdays @ 6pm

Have you ever just wanted to get to know some of your fellow SnowFlowers better? Or just meet some new people on similar paths? Or wanted to informally discuss the dharma with friends on the path? Or be a bit social outside of sitting? Well, we’re excited to announce that starting next Tuesday (3/13), SnowFlower will host a weekly community tea time that starts at 6pm before each Tuesday sit at the Friends Meeting House where you can do all of these things!
This will be an informal time dedicated to building and enjoying our sangha family, where we can get to know each other (better), discuss the dharma and our practice, and support each other on our paths. We’ll meet in the Sun Room (the room attached to the sanctuary), and we’ll have an electric water cooker for tea water, as well as some tea and cups. Feel free to bring your favorite tea if you wish and a travel mug if you have one.
ALL are welcome and please do come whenever you can make it (6, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45…). For those of you who typically don’t drive after dark, please feel free to come and join us and take off whenever you need to (daylight savings time is this weekend, so there will be more light at night!). We’d love to see as many SnowFlowers as possible. We look forward to seeing you all there and enjoying this time together. See you next Tuesday!

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