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Excerpts from Cheri's Lamp Transmission Dharma Talk by Cheri Maples January 9, 2008. Dear Thay, Dear Venerables, Dear Sangha: Finding
Vedana: Mindfulness of Feeling From a talk by Lisa Glueck   As you know, the Four Foundations are deeply interconnected
Gratitude and Equanimity From a talk by Cheri Maples You can’t find gratitude in your mind. You can only find
Delusion from a talk by Steven Spiro In Buddhist traditions, avidya, delusion, is known as one of the Three Hindrances.
On July 5, we will have a special speaker at Friday Night Sangha. Richard Brady, MS, is a practicing meditator and
Cultivating Joy and Happiness from a talk by Lisa Glueck The Dalai Lama tells us that the purpose of life
The Sustaining Power of Mindfulness from a talk by Cheri Maples The understandings, openings, and sense of vastness created by
Silent Illumination Meditation from a talk by Susan O'Leary Our lineage through Thich Nhat Hanh is in the Linji (‘Rinzai’
Equanimity from a talk by Lisa Glueck Equanimity is a spacious stillness of the mind that is able to meet
Ending Conditioned Doing with the Eightfold Path from a talk by Gloria Green The Buddha says that we can cultivate