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SnowFlower News and Updates

How SnowFlower Got Its Name

by Karuna Namenwirth From the windows of the speeding train on the way to Plum Village in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, there were miles and miles of blooming sunflower fields, a magnificent sight to behold. It was easy to understand why so many Thich...

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How to Overcome Sanskrit-Pali Anxiety (SPA)

by Curt Pawlisch While not yet listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the “universal authority for psychiatric diagnoses” (according to Wikipedia), many SnowFlower members suffer from Sanskrit-Pali Anxiety or its ironic acronym, SPA....

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Buddhism on one page

by Larry Mandt The Four Noble Truths Life is hard. Life is hard because we continually want things that aren’t possible. Life becomes easier when we stop wanting things that aren’t possible. We can stop wanting things that aren’t possible by following…. Life is hard...

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Open Hearts, Open Arms

We can't breathe! In Buddhist meditation, our breathing is essential. Anapana, meditation on the breath, was the Buddha's first meditation instruction and the basis for all further meditative endeavors. Breathing is not only life-sustaining and calming; it is a...

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The Coming Home Project

The Coming Home Project (CHP) offers programs that serve incarcerated individuals or persons recently released from prison.  SnowFlower members volunteering in CHP frequently become deeply committed to this vital work. Going inside:  CHP members enter prisons and...

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Earth Holder Project

by Curt Pawlisch In her book, Oceans of Insight, Heather Mann describes how SnowFlower's Earth Holders Project began in early 2013 in response to heedless and rapacious mining, both real and threatened. Taking time off from her sailing adventures during the...

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Plum Village Records – Mindfulness and Music

If you've ever been to a Thich Nhat Hanh monastery, or practice center, or have attended a SnowFlower retreat or Day of Mindfulness, you've undoubtedly experienced the practice of mindful singing. The dharma shines in the songs and they can be a wonderful and joyful...

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Our regular meetings are Tuesdays and Fridays beginning at 7 PM at Friends Meetinghouse, 1704 Roberts Court, and Sunday (10-11:30 AM) and Wednesday (1:30-3 PM) in people's homes.