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Practicing  Compassion  Amid  Chaos  &  Illusion from a talk by Jim Roseberry  in 2016 The term ‘compassion’ maintains an exalted status in
Where is Thich Nhat Hanh Right Now? from a talk by Steven Spiro, Spring, 2015 Thay is known for saying
Compassion from a talk by Gloria Green Compassion is the strong wish of the heart to alleviate suffering. Our hearts
A  Cloud  Never  Dies from a talk by David Zeman “What Happens When We are Alive and What Happens When
Interplay of the Divine Abodes from a talk by Gloria Green Loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity are called
Letting Go The type of practice in which I am engaged is letting go by giving everything (bestowing in imagination)
Embracing the Sacred and the Mundane As many of us recognize, at least intellectually, the sacred and the mundane are
Mindfulness of What? Mindfulness is always mindfulness of something. This very explicit instruction of Thay’s will be explored in this
The First Practice and the First Perfection from a talk by a SnowFlower Dana is the term used in Buddhism
Excerpts from Bonnie Trudell's talk on the Four Immeasurable Minds The Four Immeasurable Minds is one of the clearest and