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Importing events from SnowFlower’s calendar

SnowFlower-Logo-bwWith sangha events now scheduled for September and October, readers may wish to use a new website feature: syncing SnowFlower’s online calendar with calendars on their own computers and smartphones.

This new syncing feature will mean no more rushing out the door to daytime sangha only to realize somewhere down the road you have forgotten the scheduled location. And now when others ask you what’s happening at sangha that evening, the answer will literally be at hand—a quick look at your smartphone, and you can share the name of that night’s leader and dharma talk topic.

Here’s how:

1. Go to the Calendar

2. Decide whether you wish to:
– import an individual event or (see Step 3 below)
– import an entire month’s events (see Step 4 below)

3. Importing an individual event:
– Place your cursor over the calendar day you wish to select; when you click on the event entry, your desired information appears.
– Click on the button for either Google Calendar or iCal Export (whichever you use) to import the event into your calendar.

Example: Single Event Import

4. Importing an entire month:
– Click on the bottom right button, “Export Monthly Events.”
– Click on the downloaded file in your Downloads and follow the procedures normally used to import an event such as when you receive an invitation to attend a meeting

Sept Calendar
Example: Month’s Events Import

2 thoughts on “Be in Sync with Sangha

    1. Jon,
      I would suggest returning to the calendar page: and click the “export events +” blue button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen and download the file again. Then try to open it in your iCal (you might have to delete the existing calendar though). It’s possible it needs updating. See if that works and let me know if it doesn’t.

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