SnowFlower Sangha is an organization of mindfulness practitioners. Sangha is currently structured around the hub of the Steering Council, which encourages community decision making by soliciting feedback from the SnowFlower Community before making decisions which effect the Sangha. The Steering Council’s role is to address community issues, attend to legal and budgetary issues, and sponsor the Annual Meeting.

Around the hub of the Steering Council, there are numerous committees and volunteers:

  • The Finance Committee ensures that SnowFlower makes judicious use of the contributions it receives. If you are interested in receiving a copy of our current operating budget, contact the Steering Council at
  • The Schedulers Committee plans and schedules meetings that support and sustain mindfulness practice of members. The Schedulers Committee allows SnowFlower to share its wisdom by rotating facilitation of the meetings.

SnowFlower relies on volunteers who bring mindful and respectful attention to support the Sangha. If you are interested in volunteering, contact a member of the Steering Council (below) by sending an email to

Steering Council Members

Kathleen Caron, Treasurer
Lisa Glueck
Walt Keough, Vice-President
Amy Krohn, Secretary
Diane Lauver
Susan O’Leary
Joe Schubert
Susan Schwab
Dave Zeman, President

Current as of 4/2024

Steering Council Minutes

Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Policies

  • SnowFlower Articles of Incorporation (02/16)
  • SnowFlower Bylaws Updated April 2022
  • SnowFlower List Serv Guidelines for Posting (04/21)
    • The listserv is to be used for posting SnowFlower weekly meetings, SnowFlower events, regional Plum Village events, and mindfulness events led or organized by Senior SnowFlower practitioners. In addition, any member can post about:
      • An engaged buddhism opportunity that they truly believe would fit within the TNH tradition of engaged activism.
      • Requests for members to help someone find housing
      • Requests for members to help someone who is ill
      • Requests for members to help someone who is looking for work
      • Requests for members to help someone who is in need of food
      • We ask that the announcement is not used to express personal views. Please ask a Steering Council member if you have questions about whether a post is appropriate