SnowFlower Sangha

is a community that practices mindfulness and meditation in the tradition of Plum Village and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh since 1991.

Green Lake Retreat, 2003 — Used By Permission

Green Lake sunrise walk

Welcoming & Supportive

SnowFlower offers a welcoming and supportive community for ALL who are interested in practicing understanding and compassion. We hope you will find a safe and welcoming home for your mindfulness practice at SnowFlower.
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It is by taking good care of your breath, of your body, of your feelings, that you can build a good community.

Thich Nhat Hanh

COVID-19 Notice

All in-person gatherings are currently suspended. Most all weekly gatherings are now on Zoom. Please subscribe to the SnowFlower list serv to receive links to upcoming meetings. To receive SnowFlower emails, please sign up for our Yahoo! Group by sending an email to If you can’t find your e-mail for a specific meeting, e-mail for a link to the meeting. 

Tuesday Night Sit
Time: 07:00 PM
Wednesday Afternoon Sit
Time: 1:30 PM
Friday Night Sit
Time: 07:00 PM
Sunday Morning Sit
Time 10:00 AM

Earth Day – April 22, 2020 at 12:00pm

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, one of the most powerful things we can do for the healing, recovery and positive future of the Earth and all beings is to unite and focus through meditation and prayer.

The Earth Day 12 Silent Minutes at 12 Noon gathering is an opportunity to acknowledge both our love for Earth and all humanity, and our grief and distress regarding the escalating effects of COVID-19 and climate change. It is a time to envision a healthy and positive future for the Earth and all beings.

We invite everyone to join us online at noon on April 22nd, 2020:

This event is endorsed by SnowFlower Sangha. More details here.

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