SnowFlower Sangha

is a community that practices mindfulness and meditation in the tradition of Plum Village and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh since 1991.

Green Lake Retreat, 2003 — Used By Permission

Green Lake sunrise walk

COVID-19 Notice

SnowFlower is now offering most gatherings on-line via Zoom. Gatherings on Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Sunday mornings now also offer an in-person option. Masks are optional. Additionally, if you have any symptoms that could indicate a contagious infection, please only join via Zoom.

Scent-Free Environment

As a reminder for in-person gatherings, some people are sensitive to scents that others can’t even detect. Besides perfumes and colognes, many soaps, lotions and dryer sheets can cause reactions. Please help us care for fellow SnowFlowers by refraining from using scented products before coming to indoor Sangha gatherings.

Signing up for email reminders and Zoom links

Please subscribe to the SnowFlower listserv to receive links and addresses to upcoming meetings. If you can’t find your e-mail for a specific meeting, e-mail for information about to the meeting.

Gatherings and Locations

SnowFlower offers a mix of in-person only, zoom only and hybrid gatherings. Please see below for basic details and visit When and Where for more information:

Tuesday Night Hybrid
Hybrid – Zoom & Friends Meetinghouse
Time: 7:00-8:30PM
Wednesday Afternoon Hybrid
Hybrid – Zoom & Varying Locations
Time: 1:30-3:00PM
Thursday Night In-Person
In-Person at Goodman Community Center
1st & 3rd Thursdays of Month
Friday Night Zoom
Zoom Only
Time: 7:00-8:30PM
Sunday Morning Zoom
Zoom Only
Time: 10:00-11:30AM
Sunday Morning In-Person
In-Person at Wingra Park
Time: 10:00-11:30AM

Upcoming Events