Welcome to SnowFlower Sangha

Saturday March 7, 9 AM to 5 PM
Holy Wisdom Monastery, Midddleton WI
This will be a wonderful opportunity for all Sangha members to:
* become better acquainted with esteemed fellow Sangha members
* unify and strengthen our Sangha
* experience an inspirational dharma talk and follow­up discussions
* deepen our practice
* delight in our connections with each other
* savor good food
* enjoy Holy Wisdom's peaceful atmosphere and lovely outdoor setting * relish a short retreat experience. 


thich nhat hanhWhen he woke up at the foot of the Bodhi Tree, the Buddha Shakyamuni said, "How strange—all beings possess in themselves the capacity to understand, the capacity to love, the capacity to be free. Everyone has that capacity, but everyone allows himself or herself to be carried away on the ocean of suffering. How strange." This is what the Buddha declared at the moment of his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. 

He noticed that what we are looking for, day and night, is already there within oneself. What is beautiful, what is true, what is good, is already there in oneself. We can call it the Buddha-nature, the Buddhahood, the awakened nature, the true freedom, which is the foundation for all peace and happiness. This wonderful thing is in us, and a real teacher is someone who can help you to touch that thing in yourself, who helps give birth, to bring about the real teacher which already exists in yourself. – Thich Nhat Hanh

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