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SnowFlower News and Updates

Get to Know Your Sangha Member: Rosebud Sparer

Each month we feature a different Sangha member.  Find out how Rosebud  (David) Sparer learned about Thay and SnowFlower, how Thay has influenced his practice and what Rosebud does in the historical dimension. To see other Sangha members who have been featured, look...

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How to Overcome Sanskrit-Pali Anxiety (SPA)

Have you ever wondered how the words that we read in Sanksrit and Pali are actually supposed to sound? Most of us suffer from some sort of anxiety when attempting to read these words aloud. Curt Pawlisch guides us humorously through this topic and offers very helpful...

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SnowFlower Histories – The Earth Holders Project

This month we are delighted to share a newly written SnowFlower history with you on the SnowFlower Website - The Earth Holders Project of SnowFlower Sangha. The project started in early 2013, before The Earth Holder Sangha was officially formed (which is now an...

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Get to Know Your Sangha Member: Amy Krohn

Last month we began posting information about the SnowFlower Steering Council.  This month the featured member is Amy Krohn, take a moment to learn more about Amy and her mindfulness...

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Get To Know Your Sangha Member: Gloria Green

Get To Know Your Sangha Member:  Gloria Green   This month we feature Gloria Green, a frequent participant in Tuesday Sangha.  Gloria shares her favorite Thich Nhat Hanh quotes, and discusses what her practice means to her, and highlights her volunteer work in her Get...

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Updated Diversity Resources

Members of the sangha’s Open Hearts, Open Arms Project have expanded the existing diversity resources by adding diversity training and volunteer opportunities for sangha members. The diversity training lists groups that train individuals on diversity-related matters...

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Thaypassana Retreat at Holy Wisdom from Feb 10-12

Open Heart, Peaceful Mind: Knowing Ease in the Midst of Difficulty Please join us for a three-day Thaypassana meditation retreat at Holy Wisdom Monastery from February 10-12, 2017 in Madison, WI. This is an intensive practice retreat blending the Thich Nhat Hanh &...

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