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Two Hours of Your Time? No More New Prisons in WI

As many of you know, SnowFlower was a founding member of MOSES, an interfaith organization in Madison committed to changing public policy that produces mass incarceration in Wisconsin. MOSES needs 5-10 SnowFlowers to join us on Tuesday, March 13 at the Capitol because...

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Loving Response to the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

Dearest Sangha, As many of you have most likely heard, there is a humanitarian and refugee crisis for the Rohingya people of Myanmar. As many of you also know, our Plum Village tradition of Zen Buddhism is one of Engagement. To this end, the North American Plum...

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Madison LGBTQI Meditation Group and Community Groups/Events

Dearest SnowFlowers, Greetings on this beautiful day - I hope that you all are able to enjoy some sunshine. We recently added a new section to our website - Community Groups and Events - and invite you to check it out. Please take special note of the Local Meditation...

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Zen and Romantic Love

by Zach Smith In light of the cultural holiday with love at it's center this week, Thay's take on this subject might be of interest to you. The Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation just shared a video clip on their blog of Thay answering the question: "If Buddhism supports love...

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Winter Family Retreat Reflection – Magnolia Grove Monastery

I was a little nervous about driving 10 hours to an unfamiliar place where we wouldn't know a soul with my two kids but now I'm so glad we did it! The three of us, me and my 8 year old daughter, and 14 year old son, were there for 4 nights. My 8-year old daughter...

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Thaypassana Reflection – Ann Varda

Overwhelmed by political and environmental problems, I went to the Thaypassana retreat at Holy Wisdom. “Doing the next right thing” – what is it, is it right, how, when, is it unclear, wrong? No better time to take refuge in the Buddha, the Sangha, and the Dhamma....

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Get to Know Your Sangha Member: Steven Spiro

How did you learn about Thich Nhat Hanh (“TNH”)? My dear wife Susan turned me on to him in the early 1990’s. What is your favorite TNH book? The Heart of the Buddha’s Teachings How did you hear about SnowFlower and how long have you been coming to sangha? We heard...

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Get to Know Your Sangha Member: Karuna Namenwirth

How did you learn about Thich Nhat Hanh (“TNH”)? My daughter received a copy of The Miracle of Mindfulness when she finished 8th grade. She didn’t care for it, but I did. What is your favorite TNH book? Cultivating the Heart of Love How did you hear about SnowFlower...

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The Four Noble Truths for Today

The following "translation" of the Four Noble Truths for Today is taken from an excerpt from a Dharma talk Thay gave in Hanoi, Vietnam in May 6-7, 2008 (the full excerpt can be found in Issue 49 of the Mindfulness Bell and offers a rare glimpse into his early career)....

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Updated Retreats Page

Dear SnowFlowers, We invite you to check out our newly updated Retreat's Page on our website. It is now updated to include information on retreats that SnowFlowers are leading, as well as SnowFlower retreats and days of mindfulness. Some update information includes:...

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