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SnowFlower News and Updates

YouTube Video of Cheri’s Memorial

Cheri's memorial service was a beautiful remembrance and refuge. In case you missed it or would like to re-watch it, you are now able to watch a recording of the memorial service on YouTube. You are also able to still read her full...

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Get to Know Your Sangha Member: Finn Enke

How did you learn about TNH? I was intensively studying Buddhism in college in the early 1980s, One of my professors worked on Buddhist-Christian dialogue and had spent some time with Thich Nhat Hanh. My parents had something by Thich Nhat Hanh. We had a lot of good...

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SnowFlower Library – Additions and Reminders

This is a reminder that SnowFlower's wonderful library is a resource waiting for you to take advantage of. Every Tuesday and Friday, the library cart is out at the Friend's Meeting House and you are welcome to check out the materials. There have also been a few recent...

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Online Dharma Talks

Do you ever find yourself just wanting to listen to a dharma talk? Well, it's possible to do whenever you want to via some various online platforms. While nothing takes the place of being part of the sangha and going on retreat, listening to the dharma directly from...

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Jon’s 2017 SnowFlower Retreat Reflection

I always look forward to SnowFlower’s fall retreat. I find it a bit daunting to write about it because I enjoy all of it: The setting in the Driftless Area of SW Wisconsin, meeting old and new friends along the path, Jack’s stirring Dharma talks, Saturday morning’s...

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Tod’s SnowFlower 2017 Retreat Reflection

For the past few years, I’ve been the volunteer who picks up a dozen dense, aromatic, freshly baked loaves at Cress Spring bakery and delivers them to the kitchen at our annual SnowFlower Sangha retreat.  I enjoy the fact that I deliver this nourishment to my sangha...

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Doug’s SnowFlower 2017 Retreat Reflection

What a wonderful weekend retreat. Gathered amid ancient hills and valleys, To study and meditate on ancient learnings. Nature is always present with whispering winds, And falling leaves and changing skies, Bringing awareness of the ever changing parts of our lives....

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Ed’s SnowFlower 2017 Retreat Reflection

"Attending a SnowFlower retreat is like drinking a glass brimming with cool water on a scorching day. Retreats refresh me so that I can plunge back into the busyness and the hectic pace of regular life. Surrounding me with a friendly community and the lushness of...

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Cheri’s Willow

On Sunday October 15th, the last day of my retreat at Magnolia Grove Monastery for the US tour of Plum Village monastics, I held Cheri in my hand – literally. Her non-existence took on a concrete form as the ever-smiling Sister True Pearl (who was sent with Sister...

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Ten Practice Tips

Ten Practice Tips Constancy. Sit every day, even if there are times when it can only be for five minutes. Take Responsibility for Your Own Learning. Find the middle way between discipline and laxity, between turning over your power to another and reacting to perceived...

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