Thich Nhat Hanh teaches what is called engaged Buddhism, or taking our practice of mindfulness and compassion off our cushions and into our communities. In particular, SnowFlower members launched and ongoing support for the following projects:

The Coming Home Project

The Coming Home Project (CHP) offers programs that serve incarcerated individuals or persons recently released from prison. SnowFlower members volunteering in CHP frequently become deeply committed to this vital work.

The Open Hearts, Open Arms Project

The Open Hearts, Open Arms Project was spurred by a unsettling stream of videos of police officers killing unarmed persons of color in 2014. SnowFlower member Heather Mann gave a Dharma Talk the issue of diversity within our own sangha. She asked us to look deeply as to whether persons of all identities and abilities would find our SnowFlower to be a safe and welcoming spiritual home.