Governance Documents


SnowFlower Sangha is an organization of mindfulness practitioners.  Sangha is currently structured around the hub of the Steering Council and the numerous committees which emanate from it.  The Steering Council encourages community decision making by soliciting feedback from the SnowFlower Community before making decisions which effect the Sangha. Click here to see the members of  SnowFlower Steering Council, as well as the minutes from the Steering Council meetings and the Annual meetings.

Around the hub of the Steering Council are numerous committees and volunteers.  The Finance Committee ensures that SnowFlower makes judicious use of the contributions it receives.  Here is the 2018 SnowFlower Budget.

The Schedulers Committee plans and schedules meetings that support and sustain mindfulness practice of members.   The Schedulers Committee allows SnowFlower to share its wisdom by rotating leadership of the meetings.  For more information see the Documents for Leaders.

SnowFlower relies on volunteers who bring mindful and respectful attention to support the Sangha.  Take a look at the  Roles & Responsibilities (03/18) to see all the various ways volunteers support SnowFlower.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact a member of the Steering Council.

Finally as a formal organization, SnowFlower has articles of incorporation, bylaws and policies.