Refuge, Transformation and Healing:

Socially Engaged Insight Meditation

in Times of Difficulty

SnowFlower Annual Fall Retreat
October 13-15, 2017
Bethel Horizons in Dodgeville, WI


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A retreat is an opportunity to enjoy simple and peaceful living, and to learn how to cultivate the energy of mindfulness.  Attending a retreat is a vital way to nourish our practice, deepen our awareness, and cultivate our compassion and kindness toward ourselves and others.


Resources from Last April’s SnowFlower Day of Mindfulness


Other Upcoming Retreats

July 15  Summer Day of Mindfulness  Led by Jack and Laurie Lawlor

July 22  One Day Retreat led by Peg Syverson of Open Door Zen

August 6-11  Transforming Our Store Consciousness: Working with Seeds

September 15 – 17 The Freedom of Impermanence: A Weekend Meditation Retreat  Led by Janice Cittasubha Sheppard and David Haskin

  •  Chicago Cenacle Retreat and Conference Center, 513 West Fullerton Parkway, Chicago, IL 60614
  • Sponsored by the Chicago Weekly Sitting Meditation Group
  • For details or to register go to: Chicago Weekly Sitting Meditation Group

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